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TO THE EDITOR: Bulgarian Teachers

Posted in Bulgaria, Society by guittard on October 26, 2007

The teacher is a human whose work is to teach somebody something. The Bulgarian teacher from the olden times leaves a big mark on teachers nowadays in the way to transmit culture to the students.

Because of those teachers in the olden times, we retain our nation and culture.

Every human passes through the school system and takes from it: knowledge and goodness. Only a teacher knows how much it takes to give the best to the student. Not everyone can be a teacher because even now there are teachers who don’t think about the way that they give information to the student. The teacher wouldn’t make mistakes if he or she knew what he or she was doing.

If a teacher is good with us, we will remember him for a long time. But we won’t remember for long the teacher who is always angry and bad and doesn’t provide much of a good experience. The human who gives all of his self and all that he knows, this is the Bulgarian teacher.

Many students don’t give much energy to learning, so they, too, are a good reason for a teacher to be bad. Nobody thinks about how much the Bulgarian teacher is giving and what he gets for all his work. The students and other people don’t think about what they are given and what they get from the Bulgarian teacher.

They are the people with big hearts and knowledge and little payment.

Why don’t we think about it?

Albert Krumov
11th grade
Simeon Radev School

(I helped my student write this to the Sofia Echo about the ongoing Bulgarian teacher strike.)

Punk Kids At the Black Sea

Posted in Bulgaria, Society by guittard on August 9, 2006

I went to Lozenets for 9 days and it was very nice except for the 3 punk 14 year old kids I had to room with. Lozenets is a Black Sea town in Bulgaria.

Things they did:

1. Pissed in the bed because one was so drunk
2. Played porn at all hours of the day on GSM and in my ears.
3. Passed out drunk on the floor.
4. Tried to fight me
5. Lost pieces to my board games I brought
6. Washed the floor with my jean jacket
7. Threw sunflower shells all over the floor and on my bed
8. Stole post cards from an outside vendor
9. Endless stupid jokes
10. Tried to cheat me on a bill at a cafe b/c one thought I could not understand the bill.
11. Woke up with a dog in the room b/c one drunk kid left the door open

Supposedly maybe some of the kids will be expelled for acting in this horrific way. Be prepared for kids such as these. I did meet some good students and took some nice pictures but wow what a rollercoaster experience.