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Truck Explosion Shatters Windows in Pernik

Posted in Bulgaria, News, Pernik by guittard on March 6, 2007

PERNIK, Bulgaria (News.bg) — A truck with 3.2 tons of amonium has exploded in Pernik.

Three people have been injured. So far there are no reports of fatalities.

One man has pieces of glass in his eyes. Another man is in hospital with a serious head trauma, officials announced.

The emergency management unit in Pernik said a truck loaded with ammunitions has exploded

Pernik. Three people were injured in explosion in the residential area of Iztok in Pernik, the National medical coordination center reported. One of the men, aged 49, has a trauma on his head, and was received in the hospital of Pernik without danger for his life. The second man, aged 49, was received in the eye department of the hospital with pieces of broken glass in his eyes. The third person has cut wounds. So far there is no information for other injured people.

(Everything is cool here. I heard the explosion just before noon and my windows sorta shook but nothing shattered. All is intact. Students of mine were concerned about checking their blocks. I let them go. Oh well. Jim Guittard)

Source: (http://international.ibox.bg/news/id_1045889789)