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Albums Upload Report 26/05/08

Posted in Music by guittard on May 26, 2008

I posted my albums 2002 “California Daze” and 2008 “Busted In Bulgaria” at the Jamendo site. It looks like I’m making waves with some people. Not sure who but here are the numbers from Jamendo.

As of today’s date May 26, 2008
Busted in Bulgaria:

Album information
Genre Indie Folkrock Psychedelic 2008
Release May 19, 2008
Listens 437 Downloads 375
Starred 0 Playlisted 1
Reviews 0 Rating N/A

California Daze:

Album information
Genre Country-rock Psychedelic Indie Folk-rock…
Release May 19, 2008
Listens 127 Downloads 312
Starred 0 Playlisted 0
Reviews 0 Rating N/A

Most popular tracks
Breaking the Language Barrier ( 87 Listens )
Gangster ( 36 Listens )
Jim Guittard – Be Real True ( 35 Listens )
Beach ( 33 Listens )
Pernik ( 29 Listens )

The albums are also on bittorrent sites such as mininova.org:

Jim Guittard – California Daze
Jim Guittard – California Daze — Jamendo – MP3 VBR 192k – 2008.05.19
Category: Music > Other

Total size: 37.98 megabyte

Added: 4 days ago by Jamendo
Share ratio: 224 seeds, 821 leechers

Last updated: 12 hours ago

Downloads: 935

Jim Guittard – Busted In Bulgaria
Jim Guittard – Busted In Bulgaria — Jamendo – MP3 VBR 192k –
2008.05.19 [www.jamendo.com].torrent
Category: Music > Other

Total size: 65.36 megabyte

Added: 4 days ago by Jamendo
Share ratio: 174 seeds, 85 leechers

Last updated: 3 days ago

Downloads: 1,205

It’s a good start. If anyone knows a Bulgarian bittorrent site, you
are welcome to upload it there. I have a couple of students that have
offered to do it. I’m a little anxious to get it going.


I Am Releasing 2 Albums On Jamendo For Free

Posted in Music by guittard on May 19, 2008

2008 – “Busted In Bulgaria”

2002 – “California Daze”

“Busted In Bulgaria” is a collection of songs that document living in a strange land. During a two year period, the tracks were all recorded in a raw stripped down way on a laptop using Adobe Audition 2.0. The songs range from psychedelic, shoegaze, folk-rock to experimental. The album is full of sound effects to add a creative vibe. Some songs even have the actual sound from students in the Bulgarian school where I have taught English in Pernik. I also sing a handful of songs in the Bulgarian language.

“California Daze” was recorded in Hollywood, California around 2002 by me on my 4-track recorder and later mixed with Adobe Audition 2.0. The songs pay tribute to the birth of the Neo-Psychedelic scene that emerged beginning in 2000 in Silverlake, California with groups such as the Beachwood Sparks, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Quarter After, smallstone, the Warlocks, the Tyde, and the Belle Isle.

I play the shaker, drum machine, and sing all lead and background vocals with the help of friend Vladimir Maskov for bass. Brian McKay engineered the recording of the Beach the acoustic version. I also play all lead and rhythm guitars. The song Beach is co-written by myself and Dominic Campanella of the Quarter After.

The “Swing Tune” and “Jazz Tune” are instrumentals I wrote while attending the Musicians Institute from 1999 to 2000. Here I play the lead guitar with session bassist and drummer. On the rhythm guitar is a guy from Brazil named Reginaldo. He was a student with Jim at the school. You can hear the teacher, “Mr. Lupo Groinig” giving a critique after the instrumentals end.

2008 – Busted in Bulgaria

2008 - Busted in Bulgaria

2002 – California Daze

2002 - California Daze

Please download both albums for free:

Jim at Jamendo