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Wake Up Now Americans!!!

Posted in Family, Life, Society by guittard on February 20, 2009

A lot of stuff is going on right now that is more than mind-boggling.  There are a lot of folks out there that have been negligent, ignorant, selfish and greedy.  This I believe is why all this bailout, stimulus package has come about.

Do you think that throwing money at these people will help?  No!  Because it is an internal problem of the mind.  It is bad habits and total disregard for doing the right thing.  Yeah, in the old days people worked hard to get somethere.  There are a lot of Americans still today that do work hard to get somewhere. 

My Great Great Grandfather immigrated from France in 1846 to Ohio.  He didn’t know English.  He learned it and struggled his way to become a country doctor in New Bedford, Ohio.  He struggled through hard winters and cared after people with pneumonia and other diseases of the day.  There were no cars and he went around by horseback making calls on patients and would be gone from home days at a time.  THIS IS AMERICA!

Many people have the “lottery” mentality wishing for everything under the sun to come there way without any lifting of fingers.  It is sickening.  I believe America will fight the good fight.  There is something higher at play, here.  Will we exist as a nation of hard workers or a nation of “lottery” lovers.  The time is now to wake up and not settle for the mediocre, “I can’t” mentality.  Get up, stand up, rise up!  For God, For Country, For Honor!

Whose in charge here?  We have forgotten what the country was made of.  Overseas we get trashed for how America is now.  They expect us to lead!  How can we lead if we can’t even see through the confusion and chaos?  I lived overseas for two and a half years and I was confronted on few occasions about American Politics.  Let’s put it aside and go back to our roots.  It’s burning within each of us.  And by the way, Mr. Attorney General, Americans are not cowards.  Shame on you!  They stand for what is right.

Dr. Francis Joseph Guittard


The Obama Win

Posted in Change, Society by guittard on November 5, 2008

It’s been a long time comin’. I mean gosh, a black President. This is fantastic. President Lincoln must be smiling. And we fought a war over the issue of the black man.

From a young age, I was fascinated with learning about the black man’s struggle for equality and justice. One of my favorite movies growing up was A Woman Called Moses. This is the film about Harriet Tubman and leading the slaves to freedom. It was inspirational to me.

Many people are enslaved today by greed, fear, or doubt. Probably this is why many of the problems in America occured. I say resist, greed, fear, and doubt. This is a great opportunity for America to redeem herself from the shameful past eight years.

Change Is Now 

Change Is Now (Hillman/McGuinn)
Change is now, change is now
Things that seemed to be solid are not
All is now, all is now
The time that we have to live

Gather all that we can
Keep in harmony with love’s sweet plan

Truth is real, truth is real
That which is not real does not exist
In and out roundabout
Dance to the day when fear it is gone

Gather all that we can
Keep in harmony with love’s sweet plan

Change is now, change is now
Things that seemed to be solid are not
In and out roundabout
Dance to the day when fear it is gone
Fear it is gone
Fear it is gone

The Byrds “Notorious Byrd Brothers”
Columbia Records 1968

The Speedy Deletion of Jim Guittard

Posted in Change, Music, Society by guittard on October 23, 2008
The Speedy Deletion of Jim Guittard Screenshot

The Speedy Deletion of Jim Guittard Screenshot

I just found that there is a website where all the Speedy Deletion pages from Wikipedia are uploaded there. It’s a site called: http://deletionpedia.dbatley.com

My page was in this category.  The specific reason for my removal from existence is because user Toddst1 opined that the article claimed nothing “important or significant.”  I would, of course, tend to disagree and I am sure that many others would, too.  I am not claiming to contribute to society in a big huge way but at the very least worth mentioning.  Sometimes I need to pat myself on the back for sticking to my guns.  And believe me, this is an accurate summation of my creative pursuit.  I’m putting in my dues. 

I have done many things since April 2008 date of being banished from Wikipedia.  I have released 3 albums for free on Jamendo.

  • California Daze – 2002
  • The Notorious G.I.D.D. – 2005
  • Busted In Bulgaria – 2008

In addition, I released the debut album of the Ragas on Jamendo.  (The duo I was in in Los Angeles with Henry McGuinn.) 

In early October, I appeared on the Tangra Mega Rock Radio station for a live interview over my happenings here in Sofia, Bulgaria.  I am still here digging my way around, trying to rise up from the underground.  But I don’t know why some people get deleted on Wikipedia and some don’t. 

Here is the explanation why Toddst1 deleted the article at Wikipedia:

Jim Guittard (deleted 05 Apr 2008 at 00:09)
Jim Guittard has been deleted from Wikipedia. An archived version is shown below. Other versions of this page may be available.
Toddst1 deleted Jim Guittard because A7 (group): Group/band/club/company/etc; doesn’t indicate importance/significance.
This page was created 4 April 2008 and deleted 5 April 2008 (0 days).[show]

The page was edited most often during April 2008. (info). 

This page was deleted in a speedy deletion. The reason given was It is an article about a band, singer, musician, or musical ensemble that does not indicate the importance or significance of the subject. (CSD A7).
 The speedy deletion was contested.

Jim Guittard is an American singer-songwriter who has played in the Southern California duo the Ragas with the son of Roger McGuinn, the founder of the Byrds. The music of the Ragas is in the raga rock or psychedelic rock styles patterned after the Byrds.

In July 2005, Guittard told the Dallas Morning News that he hoped to head to Eastern Europe or Central Asia for the Peace Corps in the fall.

Jim followed his heart and he is currently a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria. In 2007, there was a country-wide Bulgarian Teacher Strike. He was written up in the Sofia Echo, the leading English language newspaper in Bulgaria for a song he composed on this issue.

He continues to write music while being overseas.

Teachers Tussle In Bulgaria. Petar Kostadinov. The Sofia Echo. September 24, 2007.
Introducing the Ragas. Jim Guittard. Alt.Music.Byrds. May 31, 2007.
As Generation X begins to hit 40, it’s finding its place in the world. Katherine Yung. The Dallas Morning News. July 8, 2005.

External Links
Jim Guittard on Myspace
The Ragas on Myspace
Psychedelic Central Online Magazine
Music Archive

Check out the link below.  This is my entry on the deletionpedia site.  Make a search for your favorite bands.  They’ve probably been deleted too.  Post your results as a comment to me.  I’m curious how many honest people have been deleted.

Even Roger McGuinn has had his run in with Wikipedia over pictures he has tried posting. 

Wikipedia deleted the photo I put on my page as a blatant copyright violation. Hey I own it and their removal of it is vandalism! 


Trying to put a photo on my Wikipedia page is extremely difficult! I put it up they delete it and say “You aren’t Roger McGuinn himself?”

Look here: 


Retrieved from http://deletionpedia.dbatley.com/w/index.php?title=Jim_Guittard_%28deleted_05_Apr_2008_at_00:09%29

Bard Fest 2008

Posted in Music, Society by guittard on September 13, 2008

Last weekend I played at a festival in Lovech, Bulgaria.  There were over 40 guitarists who call themselves “Bards.”  It was a rather nice event.  I will admit that I was very nervous getting up to play because I hadn’t played  public in over two years.  I guess it was kinda similiar to Elvis’ 1968 Comeback but I didn’t have the nice leather outfit. 🙂

The whole Bard movement is especially needed in Bulgaria.  The whole Chalga thing will wither away I predict when people wake up to how stupid it is.  I mean Aziz, what’s so great about this guy?  Nothing at all. 

The Bards sing about meaningful and important stuff not just kickin’ it with your homies in da club.  So I hope that those in Bulgaria with take up the Bard cause.  The Revolution Is Now!  Are you tuned in or tuned out?

My girlfriend filmed me and so here I post me playing my song “Stachkata.”  I wrote the song back a year ago and it caused quite a stink with the powers that be:  namely the Peace Corps.  I almost got kicked out of it.  The song has survived.  For you non-Bulgarian readers, the song was written for the nation-wide teachers strike in Bulgaria that lasted two months.

Jim Guittard – Stachkata

Record Companies Are Irrelevant

Posted in Music, Society by guittard on June 25, 2008

Good music cannot be heard if people don’t rise up in defense of good artists.

The money making machine has been in control of what music gets out. But today, artists and fans are fed up.  The elite record labels are overthrown.  They have no respect anymore.  They are only after making the almighty buck.  They care nothing about music.

We, the artists, are sticking it to them.  They have no authority over the artist anymore.  They will not control the release of good music anymore.  They rarely put out good music.  The record company is irrelevant and outdated.

The revolution is upon us.  The fearful status quo thinking of the record company suits is over.  We, the artists, have taken charge.

There are many alternatives to getting the music out there. There is a free culture movement going on. Artists are starting to give their music away. I have have done this. The bottom line is to have my music heard. Look me up at Jamendo

How ’bout that Capital, Geffen, Warner Brothers, A&M, Columbia, etc.?

Jim Guittard


Noise Pollution and Fear

Posted in Society by guittard on May 24, 2008

Let’s face it, we cannot prevent terrorist attacks but we can prevent the fear that we are ruled by. All it takes is some corrupt American official to be paid off and a terrorist attack could occur in any airport anywhere. There is no way to control people’s insane corruption and allegiance to money and power.

I refuse to live in fear. I will not be bought and sold for money. No wonder American culture is going to pot with all the rubbish in the mainstream media. Nothing is positive. What about the positive stories about the single mother who raises her boys and sends them off to college.

I don’t want to hear about which celebrity is having marital problems. Who cares? Celebrities are not the example. You are! Stop reading and watching all the stupid stuff. Turn off American Idol. Turn off the soap operas. Find your voice. There is too much noise pollution.


Creative Passionate Types

Posted in Change, Music, Neo-psychedelia, Psychedelic, Society by guittard on May 22, 2008

The creative pursuit is one of the most important things one can do. Sometimes the creative types are a bit fiery and extreme in their thinking. But, isn’t this good though? Creative types bring the passion into society and really are the catalyst to make things happen.

More and more people in America are waking up to what’s going on. Right now, an underground scene is emerging. We are in the midst of the “3rd Wave of Psychedelic” music. The first wave was with the Beatles, the Byrds, the Jefferson Airplane, Love, Strawberry Alarm Clock, the 13th Floor Elevators, Pink Floyd and many others. The second wave had two offshoots: the 1980’s “Paisley Underground” scene in Los Angeles with such bands as the Bangles, the Dream Syndicate, the Three O’clock, Green On Red, the Secret Syde, and Rain Parade. The British offshoot included the post “new wave” bands such as XTC, the Soft Boys, Echo and the Bunnymen, the Shamen, and Doctor and the Medics.1

The “3rd Wave” was born in 2000. The wave is spreading out, now. It consists of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Tyde, Beachwood Sparks, the Quarter After, the Warlocks, the Lovetones, the Telescopes, Spindrift, the High Dials, Floorian, the Black Angels, Silver Apples. (My music fits in this wave. I co-write a song with Dominic Campanella from the Quarter After back in 2001.)

Beach by Jim Guittard


I look up into the sky
See the clouds and colours all around.
I hear the waves go in and out
See the birds and stars tonight.


Going with the rising tide.
Shouldn’t wait till morning time.
Moments pass as I decide.
Shouldn’t wait till morning time.

I tell myself the reason why.
Waters flow and there’s no turning back.
Reaching for the horizon line,
Where it ends has only just begun.


Going with the rising tide.
Shouldn’t wait till morning time.
Moments pass as I decide.
Shouldn’t wait till morning time.

Drifting through my open mind,
Ray of light about to shine.

Music by Jim Guittard 2001
Words by Jim Guittard and Dominic Campanella of the Quarter After

The Quarter After

We shall see how things progress from here. The world needs freethinkers and people with passion to guide the way. No need to dumb things down anymore. As the New Hampshire motto says, “Live Free or Die.”  America really is at a crossroads.  It is time for decisions.

up1Wikipedia contributors. Psychedelic music. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. May 21 2008, at 23:57. Available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychedelic_music. Accessed May 22, 2004.

Time Between

Posted in Change, Family, Music, Risk and the Unknown, Society by guittard on May 9, 2008

From my journal on March 21, 2004 Dallas, Texas:

I am out on the balcony of my grandparents 2-story home smoking an Indian Bidis cigarette in the dark sneaking around like I am a child. I am 30 years old with nothing concrete to show.

As I sit and breathe in and out, I feel that familiar sinking, pushing down feeling on me. The fear and anxiety grips me along with the regret of much of my life. The feeling is that I should have spoken up for myself and not pretended that all was fine.

I’ve been in my current living situation for about seven months. I have never wanted to be like everybody else, to live an insignificant life of mediocrity. I just never knew my thing or felt confident enough to express it.

I think back on my college days in Colorado and the years I wasted going through the motions. I remember watching on late night cable “The Lost Weekend” where the actor locks himself up in his apartment to try to shake the booze cravings and to be a writer. Shame and fear or whatever else always kept him down. For me it was the fear of the unknown that got me caught up or the fear of breaking from tradition or the mold.

Fastforward to today 2008.

I guess, enough is enough, right?

Well, I have been in Bulgaria for the past two years with the Peace Corps teaching English at a high school. Not really teaching, mostly supervising. Ha, ha, ha….

Jim - Sofia, Bulgaria

I told you I wanted to do things different. I have been writing songs and posting about my experiences in a foreign culture. It is pretty foreign. I have even written some songs in the Bulgarian language.

Gangster by Jim Guittard

Stachkata by Jim Guittard

Blog title comes from Chris Hillman’s song on The Byrds 1967 Album “Younger Than Yesterday”

Influencing Society Through Music

Posted in Change, Good Music, Music, Society by guittard on May 7, 2008

Today’s mainstream music is not very healthy for the average person’s psyche. It leaves most people going in circles and never resolving anything, only hoping to win the lotto of material wealth and fame.

Music in the past had worthwhile messages and often empowered the listeners to strive for something good and meaningful. Nowadays, the listeners are often led on selfish head trips that do not empower at all but rather cripple.

Much of the music of the past was geared to correct society’s problems. Now, music is rather limited in its focus. The main focus is on appearance, material gain and other rather selfish themes. Take a look at MTV for evidence.


In Plato’s, The Republic, the role of music was discussed for the ideal state. In the ideal state, harmonies which expressed excessive sorrow and relaxation were to be banished completely. In musical terms, Plato only allowed for two modes in songs and melodies: Dorian and Phrygian1 Probably, Spinal Tap’s sad piece, “Lick My Love Pump”, would have been banned.

The modern Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said in his Case of Wagner in 1888: “Only sick music makes money today.” I believe this quotation has much relevance to most of today’s mainstream music.

Here is the Top Ten hits from Top 40 Charts for May 2, 2008 for sales and airplays.

1. Lil Wayne – Lollipop
2. Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love
3. Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown – No Air
4. Usher & Young Jeezy – Love in This Club
5. Mariah Carey – Touch My Body
6. Madonna & Justin Timberlake – 4 minutes
7. Sara Bareilles – Love Song
8. Ray J & Jung Berg – Sexy Can I
9. Chris Brown – With You
10. Lupe Fiasco – Superstar

Let us examine some of the lyrics.

Partial lyrics Chris Brown – With You

‘Cause if I got you
I don’t need money
I don’t need cars
Girl you’re my heart

Mr. Brown’s implied message is good. He implies that material things are less important than people. I give him a thumbs up for good positive message.

Usher & Young Jeezy – Love In This Club

Might as well give me a kiss, if we keep touching like this
I know you’re scared, baby, they don’t know what we’re doing.
Let’s both get undressed right here, keep it up and, girl, I swear.
I’m gonna give it to you non-stop.
And I don’t care, who’s watching.

I believe this is bad message that promotes impulse and lack of commitment. Thumbs down.

Mariah Carey – Touch My Body

Touch my body
Put me on the floor
Wrestle me around
Play with me some more
Touch my body
Throw me on the bed
I just wanna make you feel
Like you never did.
Touch my body
Let me wrap my thighs
All around your waist
Just a little taste
Touch my body
Know you love my curves
Come on and give me what I deserve
And touch my body….

Trash lyrics. Maybe Mariah is tired of the Paparazzi filming her and claiming they had relationship with her. Thumbs down for negative message. (oh boy).

Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love

Closed off from love
I didn’t need the pain
Once or twice was enough
And it was all in vain
Time starts to pass
Before you know it you’re frozen um ooh ooh ooh yeah

But something happened
For the very first time with you
My heart melts into the ground
Found something true
And everyone’s looking round
Thinking I’m going crazy

But I don’t care what they say
I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
You cut me open

Trying hard not to hear
But they talk so loud
Their piercing sounds fill my ears
Try to fill me with doubt
Yet I know that the goal
Is to keep me from falling

But nothing’s greater
Than the rush that comes with your embrace
And in this world of loneliness
I see your face
Yet everyone around me
Thinks that I’m going crazy, maybe, maybe….

I’ll give credit to Ms. Lewis for staying committed and fighting the good fight through the problems. This song is obviously about love. Thumbs up for positive message.

The music of the 1960s brought about change in a turbulent decade. The time was about questioning authority. George Harrison’s song “Think for Yourself” is a good example of the philosophy of the 1960s. Now people do not question authority much. We have become too satisfied with life. We have too much idle time and so we become obsessed with determining who has “The Sweetest Ass in the World”. If you do not know this song, look up Alex C. on google or youtube. These are the type songs that are not only popular but sell money today. I think Nietzsche would be having a fit!


In the past, music had the power to literally break down walls. In Biblical times the town of Jericho was liberated by music and sound. The walls surrounding Jericho came down from the loud blasts of trumpets and the shouting of priests. 2 The music set the people free. The music of today often keeps us in bondage to depression or to bad situation we are going through.

Another Biblical musical reference is about the Shepherd David. David was requested to calm down the anxiety-ridden king of Israel. In the King’s palace, David played his soothing harp. This is an example how music can be used to benefit mental health.3

Most of today’s music is aggressive but it makes sense with the War on Terrorism and Iraq both raging. There are so many bad vibes floating around. The workplace is also very volatile and up and down with lay-offs, wage freezes, and rumors of recession. Maybe we are all fed up with what is going on or we should be. We are in a fearful and uncertain time. It is often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I believe that most people should be a little angry and fed up. If the person is not, then the person is probably numbed by anti-depressants or other pills. (Been there, done that). Living in the comfort zone of America, people have become too apathetic to break away from American Idol or the latest fad or trend.

In the 1960s, there were riots, protests, demonstrations, assassinations, the most turbulent of decades. Today is probably just as turbulent or more but where is the cry for change from the mainstream?

There are a few but it is limited. System of a Down has been one of the more outspoken bands about the war in Iraq.


Everybody’s going to the party have a real good time.
Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine.

In 1969, at Woodstock, Country Joe sang his famous protest song of the Vietnam War. Here is the first part of the lyrics.

Country Joe

I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die

Yeah, come on all of you, big strong men,
Uncle Sam needs your help again.
He’s got himself in a terrible jam
Way down yonder in Vietnam
So put down your books and pick up a gun,
We’re gonna have a whole lotta fun.

And it’s one, two, three,
What are we fighting for?
Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn,
Next stop is Vietnam;
And it’s five, six, seven,
Open up the pearly gates,
Well there ain’t no time to wonder why,
Whoopee! we’re all gonna die….

The band, Rage Against the Machine has been outspoken on such issues as censorship and artistic freedom.

This is a very big issue in the music industry these days. Stay tuned…

To end on a positive note, here is a list of artists that have thoughtful and forward thinking messages and have meant a lot to me. You cannot go wrong here!!

1. Animals, The
2. Arlo Guthrie
3. Association, The
4. Band, The
5. Beach Boys, The
6. Beachwood Sparks
7. Beatles, The
8. Beck
9. Black Angels, The
10. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
11. Bob Dylan
12. Bob Gibson
13. Brian Jonestown Massacre, The
14. Bruce Springsteen
15. Buffalo Springfield
16. Byrds, The
17. Canned Heat
18. Carl Perkins
19. Carter Family, The
20. Chi-lites, The
21. Chris Stills
22. Chuck Berry
23. Coasters, The
24. Counting Crows, The
25. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
26. Cure, The
27. Dandy Warhols, The
28. David Bowie
29. Deep Purple
30. Depeche Mode
31. Donovan
32. Doors, The
33. Edie Brickell
34. Elvis Presley
35. Fairpoint Convention
36. Flat People
37. Flying Burrito Brothers, The
38. Further
39. Gene Clark
40. George Harrison
41. Go-Kart Mozart
42. Gram Parsons
43. Grateful Dead, The
44. Hank Williams
45. INXS
46. Janis Joplin
47. Jay Farrar
48. Jefferson Airplane
49. Jesus and the Mary Chain
50. Jimi Hendrix
51. John Lennon
52. Johnny Cash
53. Kinks, The
54. Kula Shaker
55. Led Zeppellin
56. Left Banke
57. Lenny Kravitz
58. Little Richard
59. Lou Reed
60. Louvin Brothers, The
61. Love
62. Lovin’ Spoonful, The
63. Merle Haggard
64. Monkees, The
65. My Bloody Valentine
66. Mystic Chords of Memory
67. Neil Young
68. N.W.A.
69. Oasis
70. Paul McCartney
71. Pink Floyd
72. Poco
73. Police, The
74. Quarter After, the
75. Radiohead
76. Rage Against the Machine
77. Red Hot Chili Peppers
78. Richie Furay
79. Ride
80. Roger McGuinn
81. Rolling Stones, The
82. Ryan Adams
83. Sheryl Crow
84. Sly and the Family Stone
85. Simon and Garfunkle
86. Son Volt
87. Spacemen 3
88. Stephen Stills
89. Strawberry Alarm Clock
90. System of A Down
91. Thrills, The
92. Tom Petty
93. Troggs, The
94. Tyde, The
95. U2
96. Uncle Tupelo
97. Van Halen
98. Van Morrison
99. Velvet Underground, The
100. Violent Femmes, The
101. Warlocks, the
102. Who, The
103. Willie Nelson
104. Wiskey Biscuit
105. Wilco
106. Wings
107. Zombies, The
108. ZZ Top

up1Plato. Republic. Trans. Benjamin Jowett.

up2 Josh. 6:20

up3 1 Sam. 16:23

Songs Written In Bulgaria

Posted in Music, Society by guittard on January 10, 2008

I was curious to see how many songs I’d written since I arrived to Bulgaria in April 2006.  These are the ones I’ve actually written and recorded, here.  If you like the words, you can download it for free at:
Jim Guittard Free Music
3 Of Clubs

Three of Clubs is a special place                                             A E A
There people dress with fine taste                                           A E A
It stands in L.A. Town.                                                           D A
It has a sign of a clown.                                                          D A
Three Of Clubs is a special place.                                           A E A

Hip bands pack the place out.                                                A E A 
Inside you can order big stout.                                               A E A
The lighting is a bit dark.                                                        D A
But the club has left its mark.                                                 D A
Three of Clubs is a special place.                                           A E A

Jimi Hey is the regular dj.                                                       A E A
The hipsters listen and stay.                                                    A E A
He may spin the Byrds                                                           D A
Or he may spin something else.                                              D A
Three of Clubs is a special place.                                           A E A

The hipsters smoke in the room,                                            A E A
Mill about, wander and wish to bloom.                                  A E A
They talk about peace.                                                          D A
The chaos never does cease.                                                 D A
Three of Clubs is a special place.                                           A E A

Step back in time at the 3 of Clubs.                                        A E A
It’s not just a normal pub.                                                       A E A
It’s a meeting place for the hip.                                               D A
To stand with stout and sip.                                                   D A
Three of Clubs is a special place.                                           A E A

8A Class

8A is the best class of the day.                                               Dm C G Dm
The kids run around with something to say.                            Dm C G Dm
Alexander always says, “Teacher, Teacher!”                          Dm C G Dm
I say, “You’re a strange creature.”                                          Dm C G Dm

There’s a girl named Marina.                                                  C FMaj
She’s at the front always with Kristina.                                   C FMaj
I say, “Go sit down, now.”                                                     C FMaj
They laugh and ask, “How?”                                                  C FMaj

I say, “Sit down and shut up!”                                                Dm C G Dm
Most people don’t listen up.                                                   Dm C G Dm
It’s a zoo but some people                                                     Dm C G Dm
Do have a clue.                                                                     Dm C G Dm

There’s Iva and Vladislava who do work.                              C FMaj
And there’s Iliana too and Svetlin.                                         C FMaj
It’s a zoo and hard for all.                                                      C FMaj

Every class one asks, “Can I go to the toilet?”                        Dm C G Dm
I say, “Go ahead, make like a jet!”                                         Dm C G Dm
They ask again, “Can I go to the toilet?”                                 Dm C G Dm
I say, “Whatever, I don’t care.”                                              Dm C G Dm

There’s a girl named Diana.                                                    C FMaj
We have the same GSM.                                                       C FMaj
And Mirella who won the school beauty contest.                    C FMaj
And was the best.                                                                  C FMaj

Oh well, it’s sometimes hell.                                                    Dm C G Dm
But that’s so very swell.                                                          Dm C G Dm
It is something to tell.

Babas Sitting On Their Bench

The Babas are sitting on their bench.                                      C FMaj
They’re talking about their life.                                                G C
I pass by and say hi                                                                C FMaj  
To the Babas on their bench.                                                  G

The Babas are drinking their boza.
They always offer me some.
I always say ‘uh, yes.”
To the Babas on their bench.

The Babas are laughing up a storm.
About the days of old.
I watch and listen
To the Babas on their bench.


Babas are the cooks of the town.                                            Am Em
They work the fields all day.                                                    Am Em
Listen to them and you’ll never go wrong.                                 Am G

The Babas are canning for winter
So we can eat.
So say thanks
To the Babas sitting on their bench.

The Babas are lighting candles.
For all the town’s people
Hoping for a good future
And a good life for all

Be Real True

In a far off land
I saw some band
They played Rock & Roll
They had soul

I spoke with them
I said, “my name is Jim.”
They said, “you should play here.”
I said, “well, I have some fear.”

It’s been so long
Since I sang a song
God help me along
To be real strong

What else can I do?
But be real true
and follow you
For a better clue

Breaking the Language Barrier

I walk around the town                                                          D A
To see what’s around.                                                            E A
The people sit in cafes                                                            D A
And all I say is “hey”                                                              E A

Then I ride the bus                                                                 D A
To the center for some lunch.                                                 E A
I order some Tzsatza                                                             D A
And some Zagorka beer.                                                       E A


Breaking the language barrier is hard.                                     Bm D A E 
Almost as hard as the sound barrier.                                       Bm D A E

I listen to the people talk.                                                        D A
Wish I could respond.                                                            E A
Later I will know more.                                                          D A
Enough to open the door.                                                       E A

Now I’ll take it in.                                                                   D A
That’s the way to begin.                                                          E A
It will be easier                                                                       D A
After awhile.                                                                           E A


Breaking the language barrier is hard.                                      Bm D A E
Almost as hard as the sound barrier.                                        Bm D A E

I’ll move around the town.                                                        D A
So that I’ll be found.                                                                 E  A
It’s just a start.                                                                          D A
It’ll be my part.                                                                         E A

Don’t Know Jack

This was a strange day.
A lady came to stay.
She said, “I’ve come to live with you.”
I said, “Who are you?”
She said, “I’m Bertha from Canton.”
I said, “Well, I don’t know you.”

She said, “My son told me to come.  Don’t you know Jack?”
“No m’am I don’t know Jack.”
“You don’t know Jack?”
“No I don’t know Jack.  I don’t know Jack!”

“So I’ll bring in my things.”
“Gosh lady I don’t know you.”
“Jack said it’d be okay.”
“Man, lady I don’t know Jack.  I don’t know Jack.”

Chaos song, chaos song.


Az sam gangster.
Az jiveha za istinata.
Imam bakembardi.
Imam nujda ot pricheska.
Oti sto!! Oti sto!

Idvam tuk, otivam tam.
Opitvam mnogo novi nesta.
Ne sam murzel.
Az sam genialen chovek.
Taka li e?

Kakuv e otgovora?
Slushaite me.
Ne sam tupak.
Ne mrazete.
Samo obichaite.

Sprete glupostite.
Jivete sega.
Ne gledaite nazad.
Vurvete napred.
Koi e nai-dobur?

Az sam nai-dobriqt.
Az sam nai-gotiniqt.
Az sam nai-silniqt.
Az sam nai-opasniqt.

Taka li e?
Taka li e?

Az sam gangster.
Az jiveha za istinata.
Az jiveha za istinata.
Imam bakembardi.

In English

I am gangster.
I live for the truth.
I have sideburns.
I need a haircut.
So what!

I come here, I go there.
I try many new things.
I’m not lazy.
I’m a genius person.
Isn’t that so?

What’s the answer?
Listen to me.
I’m not stupid.
Don’t hate.
Only love,

Stop the nonsense.
Live now.
Don’t look back.
Move forward.
Who’s the best?

I am the best.
I am the coolest.
I am the strongest.
I am the most dangerous.

Isn’t that so?
Isn’t that so?

I am a gangster.
I live for the truth.
I live for the truth.
I have sideburns.

Hitting The Lotto

Slam on your brakes.                                                             C
If that’s what it takes.                                                             FMaj
It’s easy if you try.                                                                  C
Ya won’t have ta die or cry.                                                   G

As the person comes,                                                             C
Ya gotta scream out,                                                              FMaj
“I want big sums!”                                                                  C
Then call up the cops.                                                            G         

Hitting the Lotto                                                                     Am
That’s my motto.                                                                     Em
It’s not too hard.                                                                     Am
When ya have the right card.                                                   G

Sit and wait at home.                                                              C
You can’t go on a roam.                                                          FMaj
The check will be big.                                                             C
You’ll eat like a pig.                                                                G
What’s the next scam?                                                            C
Something with your fam?                                                       FMaj
Oh yeah, they’ve got dough.                                                   C
That’s where I’ll go.                                                                G


Hitting the Lotto.                                                                    Am
That’s my motto.                                                                    Em
It’s not too hard.                                                                     Am
When I have the right card.                                                     G

Call up your grandma.                                                            C
Get on the list.                                                                        FMaj
For the big Lotto.                                                                   C
They’ve got it all.                                                                    G  

Drive over there.                                                                    C
Say you really care.                                                                FMaj
Wait for the money.                                                                C
Get it and hop like a bunny.                                                     G


Hitting the Lotto.                                                                    Am
That’s my motto.                                                                     Em
It’s not too hard.                                                                     Am
When I have the right card.                                                     G

Do nothing.                                                                             C
Look for the Lotto.                                                                  FMaj
It’s the best.                                                                             C
Not really, it’s a sham, scam.                                                    G

Holla Hoop Girl

There’s this girl I know.
She loves to make the holla hoop go.
She’s bubbly and energetic with the hoop.
Just like little Bettie Boop.

She’s at her best with the ring.
Just as I am when I sing.
We hope always to be our best.
When we face all the rest.


Holla Hoop girl where are you?
Dance for me a few.
Holla Hoop girl where are you?
You are so true.

You hop around to the beat.
With one leg, that’s so neat.
How’d you learn this trick?
I’m glad, this, you did pick.

Keep hopping all the time.
I’ll keep up with the rhyme.
You’re a good good girl.
Rare as a fine pearl.


Holla Hoop girl where are you?
Dance for me a few.
Holla Hoop girl where are you?
You are so true.

I Wanna Go To The Moon

I wanna go to the moon
Away from everyone.
No more stress
or awkwardness.
I wanna go to the moon.

Please take me to the moon. 2x

All these heated fights
All rage in the nights.
Never ceases
Or releases.
I wanna go to the moon.

Please take me to the moon. 2x

All those selfish ways
Keep the path a haze.
Need some sight
Here tonight
I wanna go to the moon.

Kakvo Pravish?

Kakvo pravish?
Toi pravi nishto.
Neh znam. Az chakam.

Kakvo chakish?
Chakam za zakooska.
Toi chaki za zakooska.

Kakvo pravish?
Toi pravi minogo.
Az chakam, legam, cheta, gledam, i govoria.

Kakvo chakish?
Za obayad.
Kakvo ste yadesh?
Dooner ili palachinki.

Kakvo pee-esh?
Pia sok
Toi pieh sok.

A ti? A ti?
Nishto!! Nishto!!

Kakvo pravish?
Az igriyah.
Toi igriyi.

Kakvo igriyesh?
Igriyah “Springball.”
Springball e gloopav.
Neh, ti si gloopav.

A ti? A ti?
Ka’vo? Ka’vo?
Nishto!! Nishto!!


Here’s the translation:

What are you doing?
He does nothing.
I don’t know. I wait.

What are you waiting?
I wait for breakfast.
He waits for breakfast.

What are you doing?
A lot.
He does a lot.
I wait, lie, read, watch and speak.

What are you waiting?
For lunch.
What will you eat?
Wrap or crepe.

What are you drinking?
I drink juice.
He drinks juice.

And You? And You?
Nothing. Nothing.

What are you doing?
I play.
He plays.

What are you playing?
I play “Springball.”
Springball is stupid.
No, you are stupid.

And you? And you?
What? What?
Nothing!! Nothing!!


Listen to Your Voice

Revolution is the way.
You sit and do nothing every day.
Rise up from your apathy.
Trust in what you see.

Do what you must.
Throw off the dust.
Take care for the day.
Surely you see the way.


Listen to your voice.
This is your choice.
Listen to your voice.
This is your choice.< P>

You can handle the unknown.
You’re not that alone.
Fight the good fight.
Resist the feelings of fright.

Believe in that which is good.
You will be understood.
Keep your eyes to the sky.
Always give it a try.


Listen to your voice.
This is your choice.
Listen to your voice.
This is your choice.

Today is the day.
Get up, don’t stay.
Do you want change?
This isn’t so strange.

My Nowhere Man

What will I write?
Maybe something light.
But it’s gotta have some bite.
And be very tight.

It’s my “Nowhere Man.”
I’m listening to a fan.
And I’m making some plan
To eat some good flan.

Tell me about yourself!
Are you an elf?
Flying in a stealth?
With good health?

It’s a good day.
That I’ll say.
But it’s not May.
It’s a little gray.

What will I write?
Maybe something light.
But it’s gotta have some bite.
And be very tight.

It’s my “Nowhere Man.”
I’m listening to a fan.
I’m making some plan
To eat some good flan.

To listen to the music, sway
To the beat and sculpt clay.


Thinking up lyrics as I go along
Is the best policy
Because I don’t have to think at all
Just rhyming, but I’m not a very good rhymer
Oh, well


What will I say?
I think I’ll have my day.
In the way.

Dig that!


Az znam malko Bulgarski.
Az iskam da oocha Bulgarski.
Sega az jivaya v Pernik.

Moje bi posle ste znam minogo Bulgarski.
Moje bi posle ste znam minogo Bulgarski.

I know little Bulgarian.
I want to learn Bulgarian.
Now I live in Pernik.

Maybe later, I’ll know a lot of Bulgarian.
Maybe later, I’ll learn a lot of Bulgarian.

Az znam malko Bulgarski.


Rico’s loudly barking
At the door guarding
Only he knows against what.

Could be another mutt.
Or maybe a rat.
There’s something behind the door.

Only he knows what is there
He’s a cool dog you should trust.

He’s a cool dog.
Sleeps like a log.
In the morning, he’s out to jog.

He’s white like a sheep.
Jumps at every beep.
Even from a deep sleep.

He’s a bit hyper.
Would be a good sniper.
He’s as sly as a viper.

Only he knows what is there
He’s a cool dog you should trust.

Now he’s asleep again.
Dreaming with a grin.
What will he do the next day?

Who knows he’ll do something.


Iskame parite.
Chakame parite.
Vsichko ne e nared.

Nie sme uchiteli.
Nie sme uchiteli.
Dai ni poveche kinti.
Dai ni poveche kinti.

Slushaite ni.
Slushaite ni.
Shte pravim stachkata.
Shte pravim stachkata.

Iskame parite.
Chakame parite.
Vsichko ne e nared.

Nie sme uchiteli.
Nie sme uchiteli.
Die ni poveche kinti.
Die ni poveche kinti.

Slooshite ni.
Slooshite ni.
Shte pravim stochkata.
Shte pravim stochkata.

We want the money.
We wait the money.
Everything is not okay.

We are teachers.
We are teachers.
Give us more dough.
Give us more dough.

Listen to us.
Listen to us.
We will make the strike.
We will make the strike.

We want the money.
We wait the money.
Everything is not okay.

We are teachers.
We are teachers.
Give us more dough.
Give us more dough.

Listen to us.
Listen to us.
We will make the strike.
We will make the strike.

Survival Mode

We’ve got to preserve our health.
It is all for ourself.
People are running scared.
Just like they haven’t cared.

Some turn to the booze.
This isn’t what I choose.
Which is the way?
Certainly there’s a new day.


We’re all in survival mode.
We carry big load.
We’re all in survival mode.
We carry big load.

Arguments and tempers flare.
This I don’t wish to bear.
There’s no point to this.
Better avoid and miss.

We live within our cave.
Wishing only to save.
Our egos cause problems.
With pride we wear our emblems.


We’re all in survival mode.
We carry big load.
We’re all in survival mode.
We carry big load.

We make shady deals.
so we can eat our meals.
We keep up the front.
In our power hunt.

Have faith in one another.
We’re brother and sister.
Fight through the pain.
We’re all the same.

The Raga Train

Intro                                                                                        D A C G 2X

The Raga train paves the way.                                                  D A C G
For all those lost every day.                                                      D A C G
We do not give in to fads.                                                         D A C G
We make the myths for all the lads.                                           D

 Break                                                                                      D A C G 2X  

The Raga train takes the curve                                                  D A C G
But always careful not to swerve.                                              D A C G 
We go slow and then fast.                                                        D A C G
Always trying to stay on track.                                                 D

 Break                                                                                     D A C G 2X

The Ragas will stand tall.                                                          D A C G
That will be our call.                                                                 D A C G
We’re on mission of truth.                                                         D A C G
We’ve ridden the dark caboose.                                               D
 Break                                                                                     D A C G 2X

Get on the Raga Train if you please.                                         D A C G
There’ll be no one to collect fees.                                             D A C G
Ragas make music of light.                                                       D A C G
It’ll bring you more sight.                                                          D

 Break                                                                                     D A C G 4X

The Raga train paves the way.                                                 D A C G
For all those lost every day.                                                     D A C G
We do not give in to fads.                                                        D A C G
We make the myths for all the lads.                                          D

This Is Random Song

I’m a cool dude.
I’ve never been sued.
I like different food.
I’m not rude.

I like to sit in parks
and hang with the larks.
Listen to dog barks.
Eat with the sharks.

I’m a musical man
Without a big tan.
Eat kachamak
From a pan.


This is random song.
I think up the words.

I like olive paste.
It has a good taste.
I don’t waste
Or use in haste.

I live in Europe.
I eat peanut butter cup.
I wish to say, “What’s up?”
Now I can say “Kavo sta?”

So the song’s over.
Look for the four-leaf clover.
And the dog named Rover.


It’s a random song.
Think up the words now.
It’s a random song.
Think up now.

Walls of Jericho

Everyone in our school is insane.
And it is such a pain.
For me to take it.
I just want to spit.

The school is a zoo.
So everyone give a big boo.
Then run away and drink a few.
And just be you.

Rest and have fun with the best.
Tomorrow I’m not prepared for the test.
But I’m a smart guy and I’m blessed
To be taught by the best.


I study at Simeon Radev
He was a cool dude, cool dude.

I study at Simeon Radev
He was a cool dude, cool dude.
And I think it’s good to study in such a mood.

Everyone in our school is insane.
And it is such a pain.
For me to take it.
I just want to spit.

So to conclude I’ll say.
Forget the school, be okay, don’t stay, get your pay.

Help by Michael Ivanov

What’s Your Role In Life?

A wild goose chase.
We’re out on the loose.
If I could, I’d confess.
Good and loud, nice and slow.

Why oh why must I lie?
We all act.
That’s a fact.
(Get it right.)


What’s your role in life?
To be this misguided money grubber?

What I say, I don’t feel.
What I feel, I don’t show.
What I show isn’t real.


What’s your role in life?
To be this misguided money grubber?

I don’t know where to start.
There are scars I could show.
If I opened my heart.


What’s your role in life?
To be this misguided money grubber?

Money grubber 15x or so

Are you a money grubber?