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Wake Up Now Americans!!!

Posted in Family, Life, Society by guittard on February 20, 2009

A lot of stuff is going on right now that is more than mind-boggling.  There are a lot of folks out there that have been negligent, ignorant, selfish and greedy.  This I believe is why all this bailout, stimulus package has come about.

Do you think that throwing money at these people will help?  No!  Because it is an internal problem of the mind.  It is bad habits and total disregard for doing the right thing.  Yeah, in the old days people worked hard to get somethere.  There are a lot of Americans still today that do work hard to get somewhere. 

My Great Great Grandfather immigrated from France in 1846 to Ohio.  He didn’t know English.  He learned it and struggled his way to become a country doctor in New Bedford, Ohio.  He struggled through hard winters and cared after people with pneumonia and other diseases of the day.  There were no cars and he went around by horseback making calls on patients and would be gone from home days at a time.  THIS IS AMERICA!

Many people have the “lottery” mentality wishing for everything under the sun to come there way without any lifting of fingers.  It is sickening.  I believe America will fight the good fight.  There is something higher at play, here.  Will we exist as a nation of hard workers or a nation of “lottery” lovers.  The time is now to wake up and not settle for the mediocre, “I can’t” mentality.  Get up, stand up, rise up!  For God, For Country, For Honor!

Whose in charge here?  We have forgotten what the country was made of.  Overseas we get trashed for how America is now.  They expect us to lead!  How can we lead if we can’t even see through the confusion and chaos?  I lived overseas for two and a half years and I was confronted on few occasions about American Politics.  Let’s put it aside and go back to our roots.  It’s burning within each of us.  And by the way, Mr. Attorney General, Americans are not cowards.  Shame on you!  They stand for what is right.

Dr. Francis Joseph Guittard


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  1. beauziel said, on February 20, 2009 at 12:42 am

    So true. I think that our generation is starting to show the effects of a severe dependence on what we see onscreen. We once used to learn our life-lessons and form our moral fiber from inspiring people and great thinkers.

    Now TV has become the teacher and a way to escape the real things. As there is an increasing blur between what we see/think/feel in real life and what we have replaced it with: violence/sex/glamor we are distancing ourselves more and more from what REALLY matters. Life, and protecting it from oppression.

    And now everyone seems to have this innate sense of entitlement. Like the world owes them something. Everyone seems like they are sitting around waiting for their climax.

    The works of George Orwell, Ray Bradbury and Aldous Huxley are beginning to appear more and more like future-fact than future-fiction.

    How sad, scary and sobering.

    You’ve got some really great ideas and thoughts.

    • guittard said, on February 20, 2009 at 12:49 am

      Thanks for your comments.

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