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Rediscovering Myself, Again!

Posted in Life by guittard on December 18, 2008

Me in 1991


Well, I’m back in the States and so what next?  I found the following in one of my stored boxes and for awhile I really lost track of who I am, especially in my college days.  It’s a recommendation for me when I was a senior in high school from my band director.  I really think kids are smart these days and know exactly what they want to do.  To Whom It May Concern: Jim Guittard is an outstanding young man.  During the four years that he has been a member of the Highland Park Band and Orchestra program, he has consistently displayed those qualities of loyalty, dependability, intelligence, consideration and leadership which characterize truly valuable students.  He has consistently done much more than simply his part in all activities.  He served as trombone section leader in  both the band and symphony orchestra during his junior and senior years as well as being a featured soloist on both trombone and guitar with our jazz/rock ensemble, the Boogie Brigade. Jim is highly regarded both by his peers and teachers.  He is among that rare class of people who have the capacity to see a goal (group or personal) and willingly work toward its fulfillment.  He will be honored and valuable member of any group, and I recommend him without reservation for any consideration you can extend.   Orchestra Director January 28, 1992