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Living With The Elderly

Posted in Family by guittard on April 25, 2008

From my diary July 1, 2005 (Dallas, Texas)

Last night, I served my grandfather dinner. We had tamales that the maid, Socorra, brought us. Before dinner, I set up the T.V. trays so we could watch the Wheel of Fortune on the new T.V. I brought down from upstairs. It was placed on top of the huge old 1980’s T.V. my grandparents still had. The old T.V. had very bad reception and no sound. (Buying cable was out of the question.)

We ate the food and it was fine and my grandfather explained this to me about five times. Five times I said, “I’m glad you liked it.” My grandfather was ready to go to bed quickly and didn’t want to finish the Wheel of Fortune. This was early. Wheel of Fortune ended at 7 PM. So I walked down the hall behind my grandfather on the walker. I then reminded him to brush his teeth, which he did. I waited and then we went to his room. I turned down the covers on the bed and waited till he got in okay.

I went back into the T.V. room and after about forty-five minutes I went into the kitchen to clean the dishes. Then I heard him coming and I looked up and saw him coming down the hall into the T.V. room.

I asked, “Do you need something?”

He asked, “What are you cooking breakfast?”

I said, “No.”

It was just barely night. It was just 7:30 PM and the sun was still up.

I then said, “Go back to bed. It’s still night.”

I followed him back to bed after he realised what was the deal.

Another time, I was in the kitchen talking on the phone when I heard some noise in the T.V. room. I came in and looked and my grandfather was running without his walker to the sliding glass door and banging on the glass with his fist. He was trying to scare the squirrels away that were outside.

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