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Posted in Music by guittard on May 29, 2007

It’s been awhile.  I normally don’t post about teaching and I still won’t.  I have maybe a month left until summer vacation.

But I’m very excited to be working on the Ragas projects.  It’s interesting.  We make many good noise.  Henry and I speak Vindaloo talk.  We came up with this while eating at some Indian restaurant on Sunset Blvd. a few years ago. 

Here’s some examples:

“Raga group no like bad vibe.  We like parry good vibe.”

“Byrd group is many cool.  You no like Byrd group, I call many cop.”

“We eat many Vindaloo Curry spice.  It many good and taste.”

“We make many joke with vindaloo.  We save world by eating vindaloo.”

“You no know what Vindaloo is, you look ups on Wikipedias.  Wikipedia make world more smarts.”    

I guess we were playfully imitating our Indian waiters.  It is funny.  I’ve been writing much new stuff for the Ragas now.  I have much free time here at the flat so I just do this.  We’ve been posting all new lyrics and everything at the Ragas myspace.  I uploaded a live show we did that you can find there and Henry sent me a really cool picture of us.  In the picture you will see my great Jumbo Guild 12 string guitar that was stolen by hoodlums, if you will.  Broke my heart.

We’re digging the scene again with the Beachwood Sparks, Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Tyde, the Quarter After, the Lilys, and Wiskey Biscuit.  Music business seems so sketchy.


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