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When Jokers Attack

Posted in Life, Music by guittard on March 13, 2007

The other day I got a little pissed off. I joined some yahoo songwriter group and gave links to my songs and just briefly wrote who I am influenced by: Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Tom Petty and so on. This girl posted the following on the group:

I know you need the feedback of something good but honestly you need really feedback. You are not Bob Dylan and if you think that was good enough to even get near his dick then I want the weed that your smoking. That shit was off-key, uncordinated, and just plain wack. The singing was not even that great. Stick to your day job and if this is it get a real one. People boost people’s hopes up all the time and when they try to make it big they don’t and they hear the same stuff I’m telling you, maybe even worst. Much love for whatever else you try to do man!!!!

(I don’t claim to be Bob Dylan.  He is untouchable in my opinion.  No one comes close.  Maybe this woman had a bad day.  I do but I don’t take it out on someone else.  She also made several English grammar mistakes.)

Here she is:

My Bad Reviewer


Her Apology

Sorry about such a harsh review, but it was late night so maybe that was y it was so mean. Life is hard trying to support yourself let alone two more kids for the next year. I don’t think that I could leave here and go to another country to teach because first I don’t have the patience, second I don’t speak anything other than French and that’s only semi-good. I think I didn’t like that song cause some of your other stuff is pretty entertaining.

Guess I’ll just get reviews from those that are turned on. I seriously doubt she listens to Bob Dylan. I’ve been listening to him for years and his carefree attitude and philosophy have sunk into my inner core and I would never think to attack someone like that.
*title is BJM song


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